How different is driving on Curaçao?

When you are cruising in your rental car on Curaçao and are exploring the island, you will probably soon notice that the road signs are exactly the same as those you are used to in the Netherlands. An advantage, you do not have to get used to it for long 😉 But what are the noteworthy differences in traffic between the Netherlands and Curaçao?

- The right has no right of way

One of the biggest differences is that traffic from the right in Curaçao does NOT have right of way at an equivalent intersection. Who has priority then? That is the person who drives on a main road or who has his car at the intersection first. Being a little bit cheeky in traffic is therefore useful on Curaçao, otherwise you can wait a long time before other road users give you right of way.

- Roundabouts; all work differently

The phenomenon “Rotonde” has also landed on Curaçao. Only the help of various "creative minds" was called in to build it. This is noticeable because no roundabout is the same.

One will work as you are used to in the Netherlands and with the other you suddenly have to give way to someone who wants to enter the roundabout while you are already driving there. Very special and often creates dangerous situations. So always check when you have right of way on a roundabout and when you don't.

- Driving with drinks

It is also prohibited on Curaçao; driving with drinks on. However, not everyone seems to know this or to do anything with it.

In Curaçao we also make a joke; how do you know the person driving in front of you drank? … Well… If it runs in a straight line. Sober drivers avoid the holes in the road and so swing !?

But drinking is really a serious problem in traffic in Curaçao. The temptation is therefore great; always nice weather and everywhere (including along the road) you can buy and enjoy a cool drink. Even if you don't drink yourself, keep in mind that other drivers sometimes drive too much with a glass.

– Go with the flow

That is actually the best tip we can give you; Go With The Flow!

Rent a nice internship rental car on Curaçao and discover the island. Ride relaxed, don't worry and above all, enjoy! You will discover that you will quickly get used to the leisurely pace of the island and you will feel completely in it.

With a maximum speed of 80 km per hour on Curaçao, there is no rush, no stress, just a wonderful relaxed life.