Internship on Curaçao

Saving for months, not spending a cent, using all the extra hours to earn some pocket money to realize this dream, because you are going to do an internship on Curaçao! What a great prospect, a time with sun, sea, beach and of course “hopi” a lot of fun happy hours are waiting for you!

First of all, it is of course important to find an internship. Unfortunately, the whole party cannot take place without a suitable internship. You can do this yourself or you can ask for help from CuraStage. CuraStage is located on Curaçao, has various internship vacancies and has been guiding students and young workers from the Netherlands and the surrounding area for many years to find great internships on Curaçao.

A student house as housing on Curaçao

After you have arranged your internship, you will look for a nice place to live on Curaçao, we also call this “housing”. Most students choose as housing a cozy student house. Live with several students your age to share this great experience.

The big advantage of a student house is that you live with like-minded people. Boys and girls who also do an internship, embark on the same adventure as you. This ensures that you get a lot of friends in one fell swoop, these friendships are often made for life. Shopping together, cooking, eating, arguing about who should do the dishes, going out, and finally going to your internship the next day with a hangover 😉 We do not recommend doing this daily, but some happy hours can you simply cannot turn it down as an intern on Curaçao.

Choosing a student house

But how do you know which student house suits you best? Maybe you already have experience with living in a student house, but maybe this is completely new.

What plays an important role is often the big one; the number of residents of the student house. If you like peace and quiet and time for yourself, choose a smaller student house for a maximum of 5 to 8 residents. For a bit more life in the brewery row and still have the opportunity to take your own rest every now and then, we recommend student houses for a large number of about 16 residents. But for the party animals among us who do not know and do not want peace and quiet, there are also student houses with more than 30 residents where there is always someone on guard.

So think carefully about what you want and what suits you best.

Your student room

The door of your new bedroom in Curaçao opens, you look inside with excitement and then…. “Okay, just a bit smaller than I expected…” we often hear. The rooms on Curaçao are generally slightly smaller than what you are used to in the Netherlands. This is due to the simple fact that we live outside together and attach less importance to our (sleeping) rooms.

The size of your bedroom may seem important on the first day, but believe us, you won't be looking at this in a few days. You get creative with the space and make it cozy. After all, it will be your room for the coming months!

Help in finding a student house

On the website of Stage on Curaçao we offer various student houses . We have seen and assessed all these student houses on Curaçao ourselves.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us via the contactform or simply send us a Whatsapp. We are happy to help you find your student house free of charge.