Heb je echt een rental car nodig als je gaat stage lopen of werken op Curaçao?

An understandable question for a student from the Netherlands, where, after all, everything can be reached by public transport or by bicycle. Armed with your public transport pass, the doors of the train will open for you and bring you effortlessly to your destination.

This works slightly differently on Curaçao. Public transport consists of small personal vans and they rarely or never run on time. However, you do not have to leave it for the costs, a bus ride costs an average of 2 guilders (+/- 1 euro).

How does public transport work?

As mentioned, public transport on Curaçao mainly consists of personal vans, with an average of up to a maximum of 9 passengers. And full is really full, then the van happily drives by and you have to wait until the next one arrives. You can recognize the public transport passenger van by the license plate, here the first three letters are “BUS".

On Curaçao we also know the phenomenon of a bus shelter where you can wait until the bus comes by. Unfortunately, these are not everywhere, which is a pity because the bus shelters offer good shade from the sun. However, it is a local custom to raise your hand while walking along the road as soon as a van arrives. If the van has a seat available for you, stop it directly on the side of the road, regardless of whether there is a bus shelter or not.

This flexibility of the bus drivers also applies to your final destination, for example for your internship. If you indicate that you have to be somewhere else where, for example, there is no bus shelter, most bus drivers are happy to drive that bit around for you, the relaxed life on Curaçao 😉

Need an internship / rentalcar on Curaçao?

The relaxed life on Curaçao also has its downside. Unfortunately, public transport does not get everywhere on the island and where they do they are not always on time.

The west of Curaçao, where you will find the most beautiful beaches on the island, is almost impossible to reach by public transport. This is a shame to miss like you internship on Curaçao. You will really need to be in possession of a rental internship car for this.

A rental car gives you the freedom to explore the island, and believe us it is really worth it. The island has amazing places on the rugged North, the West with its beautiful bounty white beaches and the local East with its delicious local restaurants. You will also often want to visit the cozy beach bars at Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel as an intern. Here, fun beach parties are organized for interns and young workers.

To fully enjoy your internship time on Curaçao, we really recommend that you get a aantal car on Curacao. When renting an internship car, pay attention to more than just the price and take a good look at the rental contract. On our website you will find rental cars from repentant landlords that we know personally.

Questions about an internship car?

If you have any questions about an internship car that is offered on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done via the contactform or simply and quickly send us a WhatsApp.