Where are you going to live on Curaçao?

Obviously you need one internship position where you can do an internship and you may be looking for a (cheap) long term rental car, but your housing is really the most important. Since you are going to spend months there is the right housing on Curaçao quite an important thing. The location, safety, number of co-residents, is there a swimming pool & BBQ available, etc., these are a number of considerations that you make before choosing and booking your accommodation.

Choice of housing on Curaçao

As a student or young worker you can choose from a number of types of housing in Curaçao; namely a student house, a studio or a private apartment. Then you will probably ask yourself; what do you recommend to me? It is very difficult to really express a preference about this. One goes for the cosiness of a student house where you will immediately make a lot of friends on Curaçao, where the other says they would rather be able to withdraw into her or his own studio / apartment.

So this is a personal matter, which accommodation suits you?

What should you pay attention to with your accommodation?

If you search the internet for the best accommodations in Curaçao, it is easy to fall in love with housing. Because of the beautiful photos and the relaxed Caribbean atmosphere that often hangs there. But what are the points of attention?

- The rates

I hear you think; yes, .. duh I understand that 😉 The problem is that not every provider has included the use of water and electricity in his or her offered rate. Since water and electricity is almost 7 times more expensive than in the Netherlands, this can cause quite annoying surprises in terms of monthly charges or final bill. One also offers linen with a pillow as standard and the other does not.

It is therefore important to take a good look at the rates and assess what is and is not included.

- Location & Security

It is also good to look at the location and safety. The further away you are from your internship, the earlier you have to get up to get there on time. And getting up early after the fun evenings on Curaçao can sometimes be a problem.

Despite the fact that we live on the small island of Curaçao, we unfortunately also have to deal with traffic jams. Also take this into account if you choose accommodation far from your internship. Of course, this does not have to be a problem, if you like housing that is a bit further away, we say! You will soon be living on Curaçao for too long to let everything depend on travel time.

Also assess the housing for its safety; is the neighborhood okay? Is there camera security? Is there (outside) lighting in the evening? Can the administrators be easily reached in case of problems? These and more are points of attention that ensure that you have a carefree stay during your internship on Curaçao.

The most important rule

During your search for suitable accommodation, it is important to find something that suits you. If you can't figure this out, contact us and we are happy to help you find the right accommodation free of charge.

The student houses on Curaçao that we offer through our website, we have all assessed and viewed ourselves. This is a big advantage of the fact that we are actually located on Curaçao. If you arrange your accommodation in Curaçao through us, you know that you can always reach us for questions and advice.

In any case, we wish you a great time on Curaçao.