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You follow a course where you are expected to do an internship for a minimum period of time, to gain practical experience. If you are one of the lucky ones where your education allows you to do an internship abroad, it is very understandable that you choose Curaçao. Besides the fact that the climate is one to dream of, it is of course also super convenient that Dutch is spoken everywhere on Curaçao.

Unfortunately, the internship fees on Curaçao are not very high and we understand very well that you are therefore looking for a cheap / affordable student room at a cozy student house on Curaçao. We would of course like to help you with this.

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Why should you reserve your student room at Internship on Curaçao, curious about the benefits for you?

The biggest advantage is that the Stage team has been living and working on Curaçao for years and are therefore really aware of what is going on. We regularly visit all accommodations that we offer on our website, so that we can also answer all your questions.

In addition, you do not pay any brokerage fees or other commissions with us.

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When is the best time to book?

If you want to do an internship on Curaçao, you must apply for an internship permit. To be able to apply for this internship permit (the VRW), you must have an internship with an internship agreement and accommodation; a student room on Curaçao. Because the application for a permit can take up to 4 months, it is important not to wait too long.

If you do not yet know which accommodation suits you best, our blog “Choosing housing on CuraçaoHighly recommended to view. Here you will find various tips that will help you find accommodation in Curaçao that suits you best.

If you need help applying for the internship permit or if you are still looking for a nice internship vacancy on Curaçao, we can recommend CuraStage . They guide you from A to Z throughout the entire process to be able to do an internship on Curaçao.

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